Business Operation


I was very impressed with Carol’s professionalism and knowledge of why a Business Trust is the best way to go… this has been the best decision I have made for my children.


I purchased a Business Trust from Carol Werelius a year ago but so far have not been able to use it as we await the Blessing.  But I was very impressed with Carol’s professionalism and knowledge of why a Business Trust is the best way to go for my particular situation to protect my assets and perhaps the easiest type of trust to manage while having the ability to be my own trustee as well.  I have enjoyed the many calls she has held for training and I feel that she and Jim have gone the extra mile in teaching us how to use it with all the materials contained in the 3-ring binder with CD and instructions plus a new website for which to refer as well.  The trust documents and binder are so professionally put together with beautiful pages on special document paper, very nice looking indeed.  The price was better than most out there and it just seemed to be the best choice I could have made for my particular needs, especially in its being an irrevocable, asset protection non-statutory trust with me as the trustee….that was most important to me and what made it so different from other trusts.  I have recommended their Business Trust to many friends and family members awaiting the Blessing as well, who plan on completing their orders soon and in that way we can consult each other if anyone has any questions arising about certain procedures.  I like that there are archived calls to listen to as well for answers to questions and that we can always email Carol or Jim with any additional questions as we start using the trust and getting used to it.  I feel I have made a very good purchase without having to hire an attorney to draw it up and manage it and without having to pay annual fees in the future either.  It seems to be the most simple and easiest one to have and operate with the most asset protection available for a trust such as what I need.  Owning a trust is a very new and foreign experience for me but I feel this one will be simple to manage and it will be fun as well.  They have taken the scare and intimidation out of it!  I highly recommend it to anyone who is unsure of what kind of trust to purchase, since it especially fits for those of us awaiting the Blessing.


Port Saint Lucie, Florida