Estate PlanningPrivacy with Trusts


My father passed recently and his Successor Trustee made the loss of my father easier on me and my family by explaining all the steps necessary to take his place in the various Trusts my father set up.

This system was set up years ago by Carol and her husband, Jay for my father. I was aware of the various Trusts but did not have any working knowledge of how this would all be worked out for me and my family. Once we set down with Successor Trustee we realized that this would be an easy transition. Essentially, within a couple days we had control of all his assets and have dispersed them to the various family members per my fathers’ ‘letter of wishes’.

There was no court hearings, no wills to be read, no arguments or squabbles about who gets what, etc. It was all laid out for us.

We now have been working with Carols’ associate, Jim K. and have set up our own series of Trusts to protect those assets we have including those of my Father.

Michael D.