Finance & Accounting


I recently found out that I would be coming into a great deal of money. I am like most people, I do not know much about estate planning or asset protection. I was lucky to find Indicator Information Institute.

I did not want to be like a lot of lottery winners and go bankrupt after 5 years. So, I knew I would need help protecting my money from others as well as from myself. I was lucky to find Carol Werelius’ information. After talking to Carol on the phone for a few minutes, I realized that she was going to be able to help me more then I realized I needed at the time.

Carol has been very patient with me and I have learned a lot from her. She has always been available and has responded in a very timely manner to my request. Carol has gone beyond what I expected, by making suggestions, giving me ideas and tips.

I feel very confident that all the aspects of my estate will be protected. Also, Carol has helped me learn the skills needed to manage my estate and plan for future generations.

I feel like I was very blessed when I found Carol and will use her again and recommend her to my friends and family.