III Shields

Book 1 – The Private Contract Trust Is Your Solution to Business & Estate Issues

How Does It Work?
Enjoy The Benefits And Power Of The Contract Trust Organization.



Book 2 – Introduction to the Private Contract Trust


Book 3 – The Private Contract Trust

Trusts and Contracts
How the Contract Trust Organization Came to Be
How is a Contract Trust Organization Created?
The Concept of “No Ownership”
The Management Concept
Who Owns Corporations and Contract Trust Organizations?
As an Estate Planning Tool There Is No Better Protection
The Benefits of a Contract Trust
Where Do I Get a Contract Trust?



Book 4 – Secrets of the Irrevocable Private Contract Trust Organization

Two Categories of Trusts
Constitutional Right to Contract



 Book 5 – The Private Contract Trust and the Limited Liability Company

The Best Estate Plan and Business Structure Available
Advantages to a Contract Trust
Advantages of the LLC
A Corporation May Not Be the Best Option
Limited Partnerships Expose the General Partner to Danger
Limited Liability Company Structure