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Knowledge sets you FREE

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A Trust for Estate Planning?

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Our Shields

Shield Volume One

Contract Business Trust; a solution for Business & Estate Issues.

In this Volume you will learn:

  • How Does It Work?
  • Enjoy The Benefits And Power Of The Contract Business Trust Organization.

Shield Volume Two

The Introduction

In this Volume you will learn:

  • The ‘why’ and ‘how’ of the Contract Business Trust
  • The use of Privacy in your estate planning


Shield Volume Three

The “How-to” book

In this Volume you will learn:

  • How the Contract Business Trust Came to Be
  • How is a Contract Business Trust Created?
  • The Concept of “No Ownership”

Shield Volume Four

The Secrets Revealed

In this Volume you will learn:

  • Two Categories of Trusts
  • Constitutional Right to Contract

Shield Volume Five

The CBT and the LLC

In this Volume you will learn:

  • The Best Estate Plan and Business Structure Available
  • Advantages of the CBT
  • Advantages of the LLC

Shield Volume Six (Coming Soon!)

The Land Trust Agreement

In this Volume you will learn:

  • How and When to use a Land Trust
  • How to operate a land Trust
  • How to sell you property
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We have over 80 combined years of experience with the Contract Business Trust

Our research shows that the Contract Business Trust has its roots from the early 1400's. Now THAT is longevity!

  • 2000
    Contract Business Trusts
  • 1700
    Individual Clients
  • 29
    Years in Business
  • 0

All Happy Clients

You’re AMAZING JIM KNOX!!!  FULL OF TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF KNOWLEDGE!!! Know if I can just get all of your information into my head & APPLY IT and TAKE ACTION!   THANKS for ALL YOU DO!


RW Trustee

Words can t express how blessed I am to have found Carol Werelius and Jim Knox at Indicator Information.  Not only are they extremely responsive and patient with every little question I have had, they continue to impart additional information as time goes on.  (more…)

TRN NEW Trustee

My father passed recently and his Successor Trustee made the loss of my father easier on me and my family by explaining all the steps necessary to take his place in the various Trusts my father set up. (more…)

MD NEW Trustees

Carols associate, Jim, has been my friend for many years. As my time on this earth grows shorter I decided to use their talents to set up my estate so I do not have to worry about my childrens future. (more…)

JK Executive Trustee, and not as otherwise.

This simple system is one that everyone should have. The very wealthy of America use this same philosophy of ‘own nothing, but control everything…’ It works perfectly for me and my family. (more…)

JN Executive Trustee, and not as otherwise

I recently found out that I would be coming into a great deal of money. I am like most people, I do not know much about estate planning or asset protection. I was lucky to find Indicator Information Institute. (more…)

DD Trustee, and not as otherwise.

I was very impressed with Carol’s professionalism and knowledge of why a Business Trust is the best way to go… this has been the best decision I have made for my children. (more…)

SBJ Trustee, and not as otherwise.

I have had my Contract Business Trusts for over 15 years. This system has proven to be a simple way to conduct my business. (more…)

RB Executive Trustee, and not as otherwise

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We have over 80 combined years of experience with the Contract Business Trusts.

Our research shows that the Contract Business Trust has its roots from the early 1400's. Now THAT is longevity!

We feel that we have the best solution available for asset protection, preservation and security. However, that depends on WHAT you are trying to protect, etc.

In a major court case in the Ninth Circuit, our Trust prevailed against a formidable Government Bureaucracy. In fact THAT formidable Government Bureaucracy decided to seek remedy in the United States Supreme Court. It was reviewed by the Supreme Court and remanded back to the Ninth Circuit and they were told it stands as judged by the Ninth Circuit.

All of our Trust Instruments are based and built using that court case winning structure.

You have to admit, that gives our Trust Instruments a very strong pedigree.