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Using a Contract Business Trust assures your Privacy


When Should You Start?

Estate Planning is something we all need to do, but most of us put it off for one reason or another; we’re too young to worry about it now, we don’t want to think about our own mortality, we don’t have enough assets to worry about preserving, we don’t have anyone to “leave” it to, etc., etc.

Any good foundation starts with good planning. Just as you are never too young to start saving for the future, you are never too young to start planning for the preservation and disposition of your assets, regardless of the reasons you give yourself to delay. Actually, the sooner you start these good habits, the easier it will be for you and yours later on. You can’t go back and retroactively plan for those unforeseen circumstances.

You may have heard the saying “the worst thing you can do to your family is die to without a will”. While this is true, having a will brings its own set of problems. The legal community is a big fan of the Revocable Living Trust, which addresses some of the issues associated with a will, but it does nothing to preserve the assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate.

Estate planning can be cumbersome and complicated when you have to add in all the various government agencies, rules and requirements. The governments in their constant and consistent efforts to control the people and money have converted your ‘Rights’ into privileges and then license you to use their version of the ‘Your Rights’ they usurped. These ‘licenses’ come in the form of Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Limited Partnerships and most Non-Profit organizations. 

When you use any of those entities, you are asking permission by using their forms and paying their ‘fees’ (licenses) to conduct your personal and business affair. Where is your privacy? There isn’t any!

Using a Contract Business Trust can and will eliminate most if not all of that onerous theft of your rights and put it all back as it should be, PRIVATE.

The Private Contract Business Trust provides a better method of preserving and managing your assets, in that it allows you pass your assets to whomever you choose, totally intact, without probate, gift or inheritance taxes, immediately upon your death. A Private Contract Business Trust will shield the trust’s assets from personal creditors. It is private, without the need for administrators, attorneys, accountants, or courts. The Private Contract Business Trust is as important for singles and unmarried couples as it is for married couples with or without families. For more information about creating a Private Contract Business Trust for your family, please contact us.

Here is a short document in PDF form that will help you understand what we do:    Why Do I need a Trust

We have over 80 combined years of experience with the
Contract Business Trusts.

Our research shows that the Contract Business Trust has its roots from the early 1400’s.
Now THAT is longevity!
We feel that we have the best solution available for asset protection, preservation and security. However, that depends on WHAT you are trying to protect, etc.
In a major court case in the Ninth Circuit Court, our Trust prevailed against a formidable Government Bureaucracy. In fact THAT formidable Government Bureaucracy decided to seek remedy in the United States Supreme Court. It was reviewed by the Supreme Court and remanded back to the Ninth Circuit Court and they were told it stands as judged by the Ninth Circuit Court.
All of our Trust Instruments are based and built using that court case winning structure.
You have to admit, that gives our Trust Instruments a very strong pedigree.