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Next Scheduled Conference Call is May 14, 2022
All calls are at 10 a.m. West Coast, and 1 p.m. East Coast
609-663-5453 (no code necessary)

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We have over 80 combined years of experience with the
Contract Business Trusts.

Our research shows that the Contract Business Trust has its roots from the early 1400’s.
Now THAT is longevity!
We feel that we have the best solution available for asset protection, preservation and security. However, that depends on WHAT you are trying to protect, etc.
In a major court case in the Ninth Circuit Court, our Trust prevailed against a formidable Government Bureaucracy. In fact THAT formidable Government Bureaucracy decided to seek remedy in the United States Supreme Court. It was reviewed by the Supreme Court and remanded back to the Ninth Circuit Court and they were told it stands as judged by the Ninth Circuit Court.
All of our Trust Instruments are based and built using that court case winning structure.
You have to admit, that gives our Trust Instruments a very strong pedigree.